Risk factors which cause lower level of emotional health

There are several risk factors that can cause lower level of emotional health. Genetic factors play a role undoubtedly. Your personal combination of genes or just some inherited ones influence a lot your general profile- emotional and physical. Life experience is the best teacher. It can destroy your psychology or vise versa- to make it tougher. However, people must take care of their physical and emotional health and try to overcome the woes.

There are many factors that can damage someone’s emotional statement. Identifying risks is the first step of dealing with them.

Sometimes, the roof of the emotional problems can be an unhappy childhood. During the first years of our life we form our consciousness and build our habits. Our parents serve as examples of behaviour and teach us to make the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, etc. The basis of our emotional health is set by them. Unfortunately, some children have irresponsible parents; others are left by them. The unfortunate examples are many. emotional healthAll these unlucky children grow up alone. They do not have idea what means to have a family and to share with them happiness and adversity. Suffering in one and other way during the childhood, these people often have problems with their emotional health.

Another risk situation for mental stability is related to possible traumas or losses. Especially, if someone loose her close person, it is possible for him to get stuck in a deep depression. Then we are able to damage our emotional health seriously. Many times in similar types of situations more responsible people use services of professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists).

Some types of illness could influence the consciousness of a person. Chronic or disabling illness can cause isolation and nervousness. Personal non-comfort creates additional stress. All we know that the stress is the biggest problem of our contemporary society. Emotional or mental health suffers mostly from the effects of stress.

Albeit all risk situations and all possible prerequisites people should keep on fighting for better physical and mental health. Everyone deserves stable health and fulfilling lifestyle.

Watch the video below to learn more about the first signs of depression.

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